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L.A. River Regional Public Access Components

With a combination of improvements to the site, the nearby public parking garage and the adjacent L.A. River Trail, the L.A. River Natural Park would provide centrally located regional public access to the L.A. River for people from throughout the region. With its unique riverfront location and connection via river trail to ample and easily accessible parking, the L.A. River Natural Park can become an exciting, user-friendly Gateway to the L.A. River in the San Fernando Valley, and can provide vital bicycle amenities that will link the site to regional bicycle networks.

The L.A. River Regional Public Access components include:

  • L.A. River Gateway
  • Entrance to L.A. River Natural Park linking to L.A. River Trail, with a public greeting area, information and interpretive kiosks, visitor information center, bicycle access, picnic areas, river observation decks, seating, walking paths and native landscaping.

  • L.A. River Public Parking Garage And Bicycle Hub
  • Off-site parking in the existing public garage on the L.A. River 500 yards downstream linked via the L.A. River Trail to the L.A. River Natural Park site; bicycle rental, repair, and parking/storage; a bicycle-friendly ramp and a pedestrian/bicycle bridge linking to the L.A. River Trail.

  • L.A. River Trail Improvements
  • Extension of the L.A. River Trail from the parking garage to Coldwater Canyon, native landscaping, and a new pedestrian/bicycle bridge across the river at the project site to connect to Ventura Boulevard.


Click here to download CCS' L.A. River Regional Public Access Feasibility Study

access 1

L.A. River Natural Park: L.A. River Regional Public Access Components Concept Plan.
Developed by Mia Lehrer + Associates

The project site offers all of the attributes needed to create a regional public access hub to the L.A. River and a key trailhead staging area, including:

  • Easy access to the L.A. River

  • Centrally located

  • Has ample parking readily available

  • Bicycle-friendly and connects to a regional bikeway network

  • Easily accessible by public transit

  • Regional destination that can attract visitors

  • Adjacent to visitor-serving infrastructure and amenities

  • Potential for connection to other river trails

  • Accessible via multiple modes of transportation, including mass transit, bicycle and walking

access 2

L.A. River Public Parking and Bicycle Hub.
Located on the L.A. River 500 yards downstream from the project site, the existing garage can provide off-site parking and bicycle amenities.

Linking to Regional Bicycle Networks and Helping Improve Air Quality
The development of the L.A. River Natural Park as a regional access point to the L.A. River - and as a hub that links river trails, public transit, bicycle networks, commercial areas, schools and other visitor destinations to the L.A. River - will further local and state efforts to promote alternative forms of movement and build healthy communities. The L.A. River Natural Park will contribute to implementing the City of Los Angeles L.A. River Revitalization Master Plan, regional transportation alternative plans, and the Los Angeles City 2010 Bicycle Plan. By re-purposing the public garage as a regional bicycle hub and staging site, the project will encourage bicycle use and will help the City of Los Angeles meet state-mandated air quality improvement and sustainability goals.

access3 Encouraging Bicycle Use: The L.A. River Natural Park connects to existing and planned regional bicycle networks, and can provide easy access to commercial areas, parks, schools and other visitor destinations.


  • Driving range with integrated underground water storage

  • Putting green and 12 tennis courts

  • Preserve historic clubhouse


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